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Chagres River and Bocas Del Toro

Here a few more pics from Shelter Bay, hauling the boat and my favorite sloth!

Thia liitle guy is o Coati-mundi and the next one a Capucin Monkey.

Leaving the Panama Yachtclub early in the morning we motored out and crossed the inbound and outbound shipping lanes for the Panama Canal and in quite strong wind made our way up to the breakwater which guards the whole canal approaches.
Although we knew there was plenty of room for a couple of ships and us, the big waves and a cross current made our exit feel quite precarious.
Once we had managed to get well clear of the pounding surf we headed almost south towards the Chagres river. THE CHAGRES RIVER SEEN FROM THE FORT
This is only a mere 5 or 6 miles from the breakwater but to get there we had to pick our way between the anchored ships waiting for their transit.
The entrance to the river is quite difficult, the water about 15 ft deep but reefs on both sides tend to make breaking seas cross the channel almost constantly making the water hard to…