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A long time since our last entry!Whilst in Culebra and expecting visitors to come and stay, we took the opportunity to completely make over the port hand side of our main cabin.

Without this enterprise our poor visitors would have had nowhere to sleep!We began the project by blanking out the side windows, then re cutting them to what we think is a more pleasing shape.The head liners and insulation were installed and all the windows were re-glazed.Everything was duly painted and now looks clean and inhabitable.The aft part of the main cabin on the port side we completely gutted and created a very pleasant chart table with storage shelves behind, the most of which being closed by sliding frosted Plexiglas doors.Behind all of this a large storage cupboard was retained for visitors bags etc. and other plunder!Beside the chart table a new seat was build onto the back of the settee and a computer table now faces the seat.
Time for the visitors!!

Miranda, Jose’s sister and partner Petra …