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Cabo San Lucas


Here we are leaving San Diego, escorted by our friends boat Wilderness. They gave us each a lei ( on the water, with the boathook!)

We look quite nice , dont we???

We think they only escorted us to make sure we were really leaving!

Its never easy to leave friends behind, but we will keep in touch as much as we can and just keep hoping to meet again someplace someday.

On the trip from San Diego to Magdalena Bay, weather was mostly like this during the days, but the night were pretty cold, needing lots of sweater, foulweather jackets and even occasionally gloves and hats!

Almost at the entry to Magdalena Bay. The bay is enormous, almost as big as San Francisco Bay and is full of whales , if you are there at the right time! We were a bit late, but did take a trip and saw some whales, no, no luck with pictures! To me still very spectaculair, I had never seen them before.

The little village in Man of War Cove, one of the anchorages is Magdalena Bay. Very small shop, I didnt go ashore t…