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Happy New Year!!!!!

Well, here we go, the first try @ a blogspot!
We hope that by writing a bit every month, you will all know where we are and what we are up to and that we are ok. Also it will give you the opportunity to react or just email us direct.Lets see what will happen, here the first installment, which is about all that happened since we sold the catamaran in Trinidad and came back from our trip to Holland and Portugal.
Its been a great year, lots of hard work, not quite enough play,(but we hope to change that around very soon),visiting old friends and making new ones.
We had not planned to stay in San Diego for a whole year, but thats what happened and we have enjoyed it here.
Whilst visiting with friends in Pensacola, we had already found some boats we were intersted in online, all trimarans.One of then happened to be in Holland of all places, so we did go and see it, made a nice trip all the way to the north of Holland. Boat turned out to be too expensive, but was nice to see and give us some i…