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Back in Panama

hello to you all!

Its been a while since our last update, we have had some trouble with the boat, but hope to be at sea again as from tomorrow. On the way from Providencia to Jamaica we found some water in the main cabin and suspected it to come from the underwing hull connection. Not good, so decided the only safe thing to do was to go downwind and try to get to Colon, Shelter Bay Marina where we hauled out in December. Not our favorite place, but no other options that we could think of.
it was a good decision, we did have a crack in the underwing and after 17 days of hard work she is as good as new and we are ready to try and make our way to Curacao where we hope to spend the hurricane season. So, the rest of the story and the latest pictures will have to wait a few more weeks, just thought to update you all a little bit at least! Keep reading the blog, send a comment if you like!