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During the last few weeks in Bocas del Toro, we managed to get hold of sufficient materials, plywood etc. with which we were able to reconstruct the galley.
The stove was moved nearer the cockpit, the entire countertop was widened with cupboards and drawers below and a sparkling new sink installed and at last pressure water!
During the construction miraculously Jose was able to continue producing great meals despite the fact that the stove was jury rigged outside in the cockpit! No mean feat!
All in all a successful and worthwhile project.
Once completed we loaded stores, diesel fuel and water and set of belatedly for Florida.
Our first stop was the beautiful island of Providencia, off the coast of Niguaragua .
This island is part of Colombia however and we were delighted to find the local people kind and friendly and we never felt as welcome as this in the rest of Central America.
Our friends Pete and Robbie on PR2 had sailed from Curacao and were there in Providencia to meet up with us a…
We are in Cartagena! What a wonderful place! No, no pics yet, not a long story either. We have been busy organizing supplies, like wood and fiberglass so we can go to one of the outer islands and do some work and swim and snorkel as well. We will also write the update since Colon, have been lazy I think!
But all is well, we are really enjoying Colombia, its a very nice and friendly country, contrary to all the bad stories, so far we think its wonderful. More soon, dont give up on the stories yet!!