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Panama Marquesas

One of the many beautiful sunsets during our crossing Panama - MarquesasWe decided to make a break from our busy lives in Panama by first calling into a remote part of the PerlasIslands for a well earned rest and some relaxation before the long voyage ahead of us.After a pleasant two weeks anchored off PedroGonzalesIsland, we set out for HIva Oa on Sunday the 17th of July 2011.As feared, the first couple of weeks were extremely difficult as we encountered difficult and adverse winds and currents and decisions were constantly made to go south or go west and anything in between. Our tactics for this part of the voyage turned out to be not particularly good and we put quite a few extra miles on the journey trying to outwit Mother Nature!What we did achieve in that first couple of weeks was an escape from the thunderstorms which plague Central America. our passenger for about 10 days!We began to feel extremely relieved that we had spent so much time around such storms without being stru…