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You might want to zoom in on those pics, the top one is a bird on top of a turtle, we saw so many of them, very funny!
This little guy hitch a ride for a while, the next one was trying to, but couldnt find a good spot!


Its been a while, we have not had much luck with internet connections. CABO AT NITE

We are doing very well, the bay we are in now is about 100 miles north of Acapulco, which will be our next stop, need to get fuel there, some shopping and do some washing.

Its the end of the cruising season and we only meet boats that are going north, away from the hurricanes.
We go south to get away from them and there are quite a few boats ahead of us, we hope to meet some in the next couple of weeks.
From Cabo San Lucas we set of to go to Los Frailes, about 45 miles north, on the way to La Paz. Left with Gil and Lexi on Sunday, but after half a day of motoring and then lots of wind on the nose, we decided to turn back, it was only going to get worse!