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Magdalena Bay!

Well, here we are in Magdalena Bay. We had a good trip, learned a bit more about the boat and are very happy with here!
The crew is doing wonderful, we are in the company of Sunday , our sistership and will be going further south tomorrow. Internet acces here is not too available, so it might be a while before the next info, will hgave some pics reday as well then. Plan is to go to Cabo San Lucas, around the corner into Sea of Cortez for a little while. Staying with Sunday for a bit, its nice to share all this with good friends. Meeting lots of new boats again, even a guy who plays the bagpipes, am sure he and Jeff will have lots to talk about!

Yesterday we took a panga ( local fishing/transport boat) out with about 9 people to go whale watching. Its the end of the season, but still saw about 6 whales. I had never seen them so close up before, they are very big and beautiful!
Anyway, not a lot more to tell, the trip was lovely, but apart from lots of cruiseships, one turtle and loads…

Going south at last!!!!!

Yes, we know, we have had too many departure dates and not enough updates on the blog!

But, tomorrow we will get of the dock and go south. First stop is planned to be Magdalena Bay, Mexico, about 600 miles south. The weather forecast is beautiful for the next days, so we should be able to get there in about 4 days. We are meeting some friends there, they left just over a week ago, but their autopilot stopped working; they managed to contact us and we will take them a new one!

We have really enjoyed our year in the USA, but it is time to explore new places now. Its also pretty expensive to live here. We were very lucky to find the mooring at an affordable price, marinas are not available here, if there is a space its way too expensive!

We managed to sell our little car, not too good because the incredible inflation here, but there was no point in keeping it here. Had a great party to say goodby to all our friends and we will be escorted out by our friends Roy and Penny and Bob on Roy'…