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Fiji, Januari - August 2013

JANUARY  2013 - AUGUST 2013

As Xmas approached a group of us decided that it would be nice to give presents to one another but in a rather different way. Each person would contribute a $10 present and dice were thrown so it was an arbitrary selection. We won a unusual present which was to have a professional Italian Chef ( David, a fellow cruiser on the yacht Equinox ) prepare an Italian dinner for us on board Stravaig.  It was a lucky win for us, the dinner was absolutely wonderful! Xmas day was spent with some friends at the Copra shed yacht club where we had a very nice brunch. We saw the New Year in at the party at the Copra Shed. Jose and Coby made Dutch oliebollen, a Dutch tradition for New Year’s Eve, which was much appreciated by all the other cruisers. Bill Shaw on Galena arrived after having experienced hurricane Evan at 120 knots in a far less protected anchorage then we have. He picked up the mooring next to us and settled in. Hurricane season is quite boring( between storm…