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Bocas del Toro and Colombia

Well, finally managed to get some pictures on the blog!

Jeff still demolishing the old galley, we took a lot of weight of the boat and they kindly burned it in the marina for us, the good bits of wood were rescued ofcourse and dissappeared very quickly!

An empty space, most of the new galley was designed, so all we had to do was put it back together. Good thing we both enjoy all those jobs most of the time.

The beginning of the support/divisions.

Well, you cant eat ashore every day, so we put the stove in the cockpit and I managed to get some pretty good meals from there, teaches you how little space you really need. Although now the galley is finished , its very nice to have more and better space!

New countertop with some of the essentials, fruit , avocados and wine!

All done, what a pleasure to cook there, what a difference with before, at least I have some counterspace now and proper storage. The cupboards are the next stage, but we are now waiting for epoxy etc, the repairs we had to do…